79 Heathdale Road Toronto, Ontario
Heat Loss Calulations For Proposed Renovations
Winter design temperature toronto = -18F
Desired Indoor Winter temperature  708F or 218C
t =  temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air = 708-(-18) = 718F
q= total heat loss through building assembly in  (BTU/hr)
U = Coefficient of heat transmission BTU/hr-ft2-8F
A = Area of building material or assembly being considered ft2
See Drawing A4 U value Area (A) q=(UxA)(t)
Window wall - south face of family room 0.37 195 ft2 5122.65
Brick veneer wall 0.05 12 ft2 42.60
Wall separating garage from bathroom 0.04 122 ft2 346.48
Roof over curved bay addition 0.04 84 ft2 238.56
Entry door from garage to house 0.25 21 ft2 372.75
Total heat loss first floor additions       6123.04 BTU/hr
See Drawing A5 U value Area (A) q=(UxA)(t)
Stucco walls (2"x6"insulated frame) 0.04 256 ft2 727.04
Window 36"x48" 0.35 12 ft2 298.20
Second floor door with sidelites 48"x84" 0.40 28 ft2 795.20
Roof 0.04 155 ft2 440.20
Total heat loss second floor office       2260.64 BTU/hr
1 Existing First floor family room is heated by a built in fireplace and electric baseboard heaters.eaters
2 The second floor will be heated by electric baseboard heaters
3 The new bathroom adjacent to the east wall of the first floor will be heated with a radiant floor systemtor
4 The garage is unheated but insulated which will account for a lower temperature differential between ntial
5 the garage-side and the bathroom-side of the new bathroom wall.